Improving diabetes care

The CWHHE CCGs are working together to implement a more effective diabetes strategy in North West London. Diabetes is consistently identified as one of the most important issues within the five CCGs and the collaborative has responded by working hard to transform diabetes care.

During 2014 the collaboration developed services for both clinicians and patients to help tackle the increasing number of people developing diabetes and to support those living with the condition.  The CCGs have placed patients at the centre of their strategy in order to target inequalities in diabetes care and provide better outcomes for patients.

The strategy consists of a number of strands that function together to raise educational awareness of the condition and to improve the accessibility and quality of care offered to diabetes patients. The 6 key elements are:

1)      Providing clear clinical guidelines, composed of recommendations on how healthcare professionals should care for people with diabetes, that are published and accessible from the GP and community providers’ electronic medical record systems.

2)      Improving information and education on lifestyle and diet that will help patients to self-manage their condition. 

3)      Designing contracts to reward improvements in diabetes care: these will consist of key targets such as HbA1c, blood pressure and lipids, as well as care planning.

4)      Holding workshops to provide clinicians with the required training to care for and treat diabetes patients. This is fundamental to reducing avoidable hospital admission for diabetes related conditions.

5)      Delivering more integrated diabetes care through improved communications between providers such as GPs, hospitals, community and voluntary services.

6)      Giving patients a greater say in their care and increased control of their medical records.

The CWHHE collaborative intends to build on these developments to provide more effective care and in turn an improved quality of life for diabetes patients. Click here to see the diabetes care guidelines.

Building on the excellent work previously done by the University of Leicester, the guidelines have been developed with several key clinicians across CWHHE:

Dr Anne Dornhorst (Diabetes Consultant, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust)
Dr Andrew Goodstone (Diabetes Lead, Central London)
Dr Rachael Garner (Diabetes Lead, West London CCG)
Dr Raj Chandok (Diabetes Lead, Ealing CCG)
Dr Raquel Delgado (Diabetes Lead, Hounslow CCG)
Grace Vanterpool (Nurse Consultant, Diabetes Integrated Care Ealing)
Dr Tony Willis (Diabetes Lead, CWHHE)

Please contact if you have any queries or issues that you wish to raise.