PMS review

West London CCG and NHS England are making good progress locally with the national review of GP’s PMS contracts. Some GP practices under the PMS contract receive extra funding per patient that is not available to their colleagues who receive funding under the GMS contracting arrangements.

The purpose of the PMS review is to ensure that this extra PMS funding is aligned to services which best meets the needs of all of the local population, and that where it isn’t, it is reinvested to the benefit of all GP practices and all patients across the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) area.  Future investment will:

  • Secure services or outcomes that go beyond what is expected of core general practice
  • Help reduce health inequalities
  • Give equality of opportunity to all GP practices
  • Support fairer distribution of funding


The review requires the CCG and NHS England (NHSE) to create one set of additional services to be paid for with the released funding. All practices (PMS, GMS and APMS practices) will be asked if they wish to provide these services and, over a period of transition, the funding will become divided between all eligible practices in the CCG. 

In the West London CCG area we have 21 PMS practices and it means from 1 July 2016 these practices will see a phased reduction in income over a transition period of two or in exceptional cases four years.  NHS England is currently in discussion with practices on an individual basis to confirm what this reduction will be and together with the CCG will discuss with practices to see what additional support can be provided during this period.

In addition, NHS England has advised that spending on GPs and primary medical care services will grow in real terms at a higher rate than for other health services, with an extra 4%-5.4% per cent cash funding every year for five years.

NHS England has advised that we should set mandatory key performance indicators in the following areas to reward achievement:

  • Cervical cancer screening; Childhood immunisations
  • Flu and Pneumococcal immunisations
  • 2 patient voice indicators (taken from a total of 5)


The five patient voice indicators we are able to choose from are:

  • Overall how would you recommend your experience of your GP surgery
  • Generally how easy is it to get through to someone at your GP surgery on the phone
  • How convenient was the appointment you were able to get
  • Overall how would you describe your experience of making an appointment
  • Percentage of patients who would definitely or probably recommend their GP


The transition period will give the CCG time to decide what other services will be commissioned in line with local priorities, using the funding that has been made available.