Equality Impact Assessment

As you will be aware the North West London Collaboration of CCGs has been considering two proposals to do with how we prescribe medicines. The first proposal is around reducing waste associated with repeat prescriptions by encouraging  more patients to take control of their re-ordering. The second is if a patient requires a medicine from a list of products available  without a prescription, having the GP ask the patient if they would be willing to buy that medicine from their local pharmacy.

As part of the work an equality impact assessment (EQIA) was undertaken. This is important as it identifies which groups may be potentially disadvantaged by the proposals. We want to do more here and really understand how and why some people may be disadvantaged, and what mitigations could be put in place to prevent any disadvantage.

We would like your help to do that. Below are two templates – one for each proposal:

Template 1 - over-the-counter products

Template 2 - repeat prescriptions

We would like you to fill these in and return to us by 9:00 AM Monday 18th September either:

by email choosingwisely@nw.london.nhs.uk

by hard copy in the mail to Freepost Healthier North West London

You can also find an easy read version of each template below: 

Template 1 - over-the-counter products (easy read)

Template 2 - repeat prescriptions (easy read)

Once we have all the completed templates a final report will be compiled for the eight governing bodies which make up the North West Collaboration of CCGs, for them to assure themselves that appropriate mitigations have been put in place