West London CCG AGM - Questions raised at the meeting on 13 October 2020

Published on: 13th November 2020

West London CCG's AGM took place on 13 October 2020. Please find the answers below to the questions that were raised.

When will the Urgent Care Unit at St Charles Hospital re-open? Many residents would like to know.

Why is the minor injuries unit at St Charles still closed

The unit was temporarily closed to enable effective Infection Prevention and Control measures including social distancing.  And staff were also diverted to business critical services such as step down beds.  We have been working to reopen a service on site.  The final quality assurance checks/walk through for this are taking place on Monday 19th – we are not confirming opening date pending any queries that come out of that process.  But we should be in a position to open a booked appointments service shortly afterwards taking referrals from NHS111 and GPs.  We are extending the scope of minor ailments pathways with greater GP input.   It should be noted that we are not opening as a walk in service which mirrors the approach to  other standalone Walk in/urgent care services in the area, and has been agreed by NWL Gold.  It should also be noted that this is a temporary adaptation to the service to manage increased Infection Prevention Control needs – the intention is that the service reverts to its pre-covid model after the pandemic. 

We have been told that we are tackling health inequalities since the 1980s, so why are they getting worse?

This is a hugely important question.  The Marmot review - and the recent 10 year update set out some of the drivers of worsening inequalities.  The social determinants that drive differences in outcome and experience have for many worsened in those 10 years.  the CCG has a role in seeking to ensure those who experience worse health are supported in a  targeted way, we also seek to work with other partners - including but not limited to RBKC and WCC, and local Voluntary Sector organisations to mitigate the negative health impact.

Where is the replacement for the Lancaster Road CAMHS?

Beatrice Place is not accessible to people in North Kensington who need to use public transport

The service moved to Beatrice Place in the centre of the borough.  https://www.cnwl.nhs.uk/news/parkside 

Where access is difficult from the North of the borough there is also the opportunity to be seen in Westminster CAMHS, which for some people will be more accessible

Is the financial surplus due in part to the large number of residents of west London who use the private sector rather than the NHS?

The CCG allocation is based on a national formula. Expenditure against budget is based on population health need. The CCG does not hold data regarding the level of private sector service usage by West London residents.

What is the latest position on Pembridge Palliative Care restarting in some form?

The service is still suspended, engagement and consultation are paused whilst we direct resource to the covid response.  The beds were used earlier in year as step down beds as part of the covid pathway, this potential is being explored to address the expected covid surge in coming months.  https://www.westlondonccg.nhs.uk/news-publications-events/news/findings-palliative-care-public-engagement-2020

The CCG welcomes questions, please contact:  wlccg.wlccg.team@nhs.net with any further questions