Consultation on Westminster mental health day services

Westminster City Council and its NHS partners are proposing to deliver mental health services in a new way. We have to make some changes to our services so that we can continue to provide support to those who most need it. The proposed changes will:

  • move away from day-centres towards tailored support focusing on recovery
  • help more people to receive the support they need
  • save money at a time of reduced funding

The proposals are based on feedback we received during a five-month review of mental health day services. We believe our proposals will help more people to receive the support they need.

We want to hear views on our proposal and work with stakeholders to shape the future of mental health services. The consultation ends on the 29 April 2016, so there is still time to submit your views online at

To find out more contact Lisa Cavanagh on 020 7641 2631 or

CCG Press Office

T: 020 3350 4366