CWHHE equalities manager wins HSJ award for social media campaign

Alex Silverstein, 27, has been presented with a Patient Leaders 2015 Award from the Health Service Journal (HSJ).

Among Alex’s many achievements, he has been recognised for the social media campaign he launched as part of NHS Change Day: #HelloOurAimIs.                            

The campaign was inspired by the similarly-titled campaign Hello My Name Is which was founded by Dr Kate Granger. This campaign was for NHS staff to give their names at any time they are providing care to a patient or their family. It is intended to increase NHS accountability and patient engagement. Kate, who is both a doctor and a cancer patient, was also presented with an HSJ Award for her work.

The #HelloOurAimIs campaign expands upon this concept of patient-centred care by inviting participation from carers, friends, family members, partners, doctors, nurses, social workers and anybody else who might play a role in supporting the patient as they achieve their aim, whatever that aim may be.

The aim should be realistic but it can be as ambitious or as simple as the patient chooses. It might be to walk a certain distance, or to make a new friend; to take up a musical instrument, or to complete a puzzle.

Alex’s own aim is to learn to dance a tango while living with diabetes.

“Like any kind of exercise, there are risks — if my sugar level goes too low, I could go into a coma. I’m going to work with my GP, my diabetes nurse, and my girlfriend to help me dance tango,” he said. 

#HelloOurAimIs will soon begin testing as part of the West London CCG’s Whole Systems Integrated Care Pilot (see below for more information). It will also be tested at various practices across West Cheshire, following the success of a talk that Alex gave at West Cheshire CCG’s Clinical Senate meeting.

Alex’s other achievements include being the first ever president of the International Diabetes Federation’s Young Leaders, and - last but not least! - being appointed as patient experience and equalities manager by the CWHHE Collaborative of CCGs.

Speaking about his award, Alex said: “I’m touched by the positive feedback I’ve had from patients, and from the judges. Everyone on the awards list has achieved amazing things in their different ways; it’s lovely for the HSJ to be formally recognising the amazing contribution patients and carers give to health and social care.”

Of the campaign itself, he said: “The #HelloOurAimIs campaign is all about patients, including me, saying ‘I’m not defined by my long-term health conditions, but by my aims in life.

“It is a patient-centred campaign - in other words, it revolves around you.

“You can decide what the single aim is that you want to achieve, and how the people — doctors, nurses, family, friends — involved in your care can help do this.

“All of the patients who have taken part in #HelloOurAimIs should be proud. The campaign would be nothing without their involvement.”

Dr Kate Granger said: “#HelloOurAimIs is a fantastic concept developed by Alex Silverstein leading on from my influential #HelloMyNameIs campaign.

“I really like how it manages to make something real and tangible for both patients and professionals out of what can often be the throw away catchphrases of person-centred care and shared decision making.

“Collaboration on common aims is central to helping patients like Alex and myself to feel in control of our health conditions.”

A judge said: “A really young, dynamic health champion. He’s brilliant.”

Dr Fiona Butler, chair of West London CCG, said: “We’re very proud of Alex’s achievements, and we are excited about implementing this particular way of working with patients into the new models of care we are developing as we continue to integrate health and social care more closely.” 

Alex Silverstein has limited availability for interview, on request. Please liaise with Louise McCudden, Communications Officer, to arrange this.


Louise McCudden

Communications Officer, CWHHE Collaborative of Clinical Commissioning Groups, 020 3350 4224 / 07768 467973



  1. NHS West London Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is the NHS body responsible for commissioning (buying and designing) services across Kensington and Chelsea, Queen’s Park Paddington, and Harrow Road.
  2. CWHHE Collaborative is the working partnership between Central London, West London, Hammersmith and Fulham, Hounslow and Ealing Clinical Commissioning Groups.
  3. Find out more about NHS Change Day, and Alex’s campaign, here
  4. You can also watch and share these videos: Introduction to the #HelloOURaimis campaign; How to use the one-page AimPlan
  5. Alex has written about the campaign here.
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