First commissioning prospectus published

NHS West London Clinical Commissioning Group has today published our first prospectus – giving local residents an insight into how GPs are rising to the challenge of planning NHS services to improve their health.

We have £342 million to invest in NHS services for Kensington and Chelsea, Queens Park and Paddington residents. The prospectus summarises our plans and priorities during 2013/14.

Plans focus on:

- Delivering the right level of care and treatment before a patient’s health becomes critical
- Co-ordinating services around people’s individual needs
- Less reliance on hospital services and moving care closer to people’s homes.

Daniel Elkeles, Chief Officer of West London CCG, said: “The prospectus shows how local GPs are using their extensive knowledge and experience to shape improvements to the NHS. Priorities for the year are truly influenced by their local knowledge of the health needs of West London residents.”

Specific priorities for 2013/14 include:

- Easy access to high quality primary care
- Better urgent and emergency care
- More joint working between health and social care services at the local level.

A key strand of our plans involves working with other CCGs across North West London to transform health services available outside of hospitals, and ensure that when people do need hospital treatment the very best specialist help in available at all times.

The vision for better care, closer to home is to ensure all patients feel secure about the care they receive out of hospital through effective and safe partnership between GPs, community and social providers and hospital consultants, with early care provided in the most appropriate setting. Achieving this vision means:

1. Easy access to high quality, responsive primary care
2. High quality elective (planned) care and well understood planned care pathways for patients
3. Rapid response to urgent needs
4. Health and social care working together
5. Appropriate time in hospital

Read the full prospectus here.

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