New resources help families to access healthy lifestyle services

A series of resources that help those working with children and families to refer young people aged 19 and under to healthy lifestyle services have gone live across the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the City of Westminster.

Additionally, the Family Healthy Weight Care Pathways will ensure that children and families receive consistent healthy lifestyle messages from all relevant services and agencies. The accompanying toolkit will provide healthy weight information and guidance, listings of services and training opportunities for staff.


The Family Healthy Weight Care Pathways

The Family Healthy Weight Care pathways (for ages 0-4 and 5-19) have been created with the support of health and children’s services from across the boroughs and are for all people who work with children. They are holistic, evidence-based, system-wide and ensure:

  • A standardised and systematic method of preventing and managing childhood obesity.
  • A consistent set of messages.
  • Increased visibility of available services.
  • Reinforcement of the opportunities to intervene at key life-stages.
  • Increased collaboration and understanding of roles among a range of services, agencies and health professionals.


The establishment of the pathways will facilitate children and families in accessing the support they need to develop healthy eating and physical activity habits for life.


What is the Family Healthy Weight Care Pathway Toolkit?

The accompanying toolkit provides additional information and resources to ensure the pathway can be successfully implemented. It includes:

  • Pathway resources, such as referral guidelines and referral forms.
  • Obesity prevention guidance, including national guidance on healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Prevention and management services, including details of universal services and services for those above a healthy weight.
  • Training opportunities.


The resources can be downloaded from the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham’s website.

For further information about the pathways and toolkit, contact:

Elizabeth Dunsford
Public Health Commissioner Healthy Weight and Schools 

CCG Press Office

T: 020 3350 4366