NHS West London CCG Governing Body Elections

Following on from presentations and discussions at plenary and Governing Body meetings, and the email circulars sent to CCG members, please click here for supporting statements from candidates to represent GPs and Practice Managers on our Governing Body. Elections are being held for:

  • Seven GP members


  • One Practice Manager representative


As there is one application for the Practice Manager representative role, this is not contested.

There will be an election for the Practice Nurse representative later in the year. 

Elected members will be voted for by their peers, ie GPs for GP representatives. In response to a query received from a CCG member, we can confirm that it is possible to vote for candidates from outside their CLS. There is an agreed maximum of one representative per practice. Voters may indicate order of preference for all candidates.

Supporting statements have been received from:












 Blake Iain   Dr  North East  Colville Health Centre
 Butler Fiona   Dr  South West  Redcliffe Surgery
 Garner  Rachael  Dr  North Central  Notting Hill Medical Centre
 Hooker  Richard  Dr  North West  Holland Park Surgery
 Katz  Naomi  Dr  North East  The New Elgin Practice
 Mackney  Philip  Dr  North East  The Elgin Clinic
 Rajakulendran  Puvana  Dr  South West  Earls Court Medical Centre
 Rose  Andy  Dr  South East  Dr Rose's Surgery


Practice Managers: 











Fraser Yvonne Ms North West The Portland Rood Practice


Online voting is managed by the Electoral Reform Services. Online voting address and voting security codes will be sent to Practice Managers (or other management/ administrative role, where no Practice Manager has been identified). Practice members should discuss with colleagues and agree how the practice will vote. We will be using a system with one vote per 2,000 patients per practice: 


Practice list size                  



Votes per practice 

To From  
0 2000 1
2,001 4000 2
4,001 6000 3
6,001 8000 4
8,001 10000 5


Transferable voting:

· Preferential system where voters rank the candidates in order of preference. Voters put a ‘1’ by their first choice, ‘2’ by their second and so on...

· Candidates elected outright if they gain over 50% of first preference votes. If not, the candidate with least first preferences is eliminated and votes redistributed according to the second/ next preference

· Voters are asked to vote for a minimum of one GP candidate per CLS to ensure geographical representation

Further guidance will be available online.


14 May 2013                                            

Nominations announced and voting opens;Circulate via Commissioning Learning Sets and CCG website/ extranet                                       

28 May 2013 Voting closes (11.59pm)


4 June 2013

Results ratified at Governing Body meeting and posted on website/ extranet

Governing Body elects Chair (simple majority vote)

1 July 2013

Terms of service for elected members begins


If you have any queries, please contact the Electoral Reform Services, or the West London CCG Head of Corporate Services, Kerry Doyle (Kerry.Doyle@nw.london.nhs.uk , tel: 020 3350 4365).







CCG Press Office


T: 020 3350 4366