Our public and patient engagement journey so far..

West London CCG is strongly committed to effective Patient and Public Engagement (PPE).
We believe in working in partnership with local people to influence how health services are planned, delivered and evaluated.

Our journey so far has meant….

By providing information and advice our Primary Care Navigators have made a real difference in working together with people to reduce isolation and take up of planned services. Working in partnership with our voluntary sector partners the active Diabetes Service Group is growing from strength to strength providing patient and carer perspective so that local providers and commissioners can improve services for patients with diabetes.

Our Patient Participation Project, delivered in partnership with Healthwatch, has successfully seen 31 practices set up a Patient Participation Groups. With so many patients getting involved locally, their feedback is helping us make sure we are focusing on the things that matter most too local people.

Bring our Patient and Public Engagement work together in one place, has helped us to recognise some early successes but it has also shown us what we need to do next further develop and improve our approaches. We want local people to be embedded systematically throughout our organisation at every level and every step of the way

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