Consultation on the future of health and wellbeing services in Westminster

6th July – 16th October 2016


Our five-year health and wellbeing strategy informs how we will spend our local health and social care budgets in the period 2017 to 2022 to help all people in Westminster be well, stay well and live well. Our plans are based on local health needs which are specific to the City of Westminster. This is your opportunity to have your say on whether you think we’ve got it right and shape the future of health and social care services in your area.

The strategy is jointly produced by Westminster City Council, Central and West London Clinical Commissioning Groups, Healthwatch and the voluntary and community sector. We are working in collaboration to identify our priorities for the next five years, in areas where we think our partnership can make the greatest difference.

Why does it matter?

The proposals we are consulting on will inform and influence health and social care priorities and spending on health and social care by Westminster City Council and the Central and West London Clinical Commissioning Groups.

We want to make sure that the strategy reflects local health priorities and services that are important to you. We also want to understand your experience of health and care to help improve it in the future.

In the document, we propose moving away from treatment and focusing on prevention. We believe that health and wellbeing is broader than the absence of ill health. We want to focus on residents, workers and visitors to the City of Westminster having a positive experience of our services, to remain healthy and active members of society.

We want to make sure people stay healthy and independent for as long as possible. However, when you or someone in your family experience physical or mental illness we want to ensure timely, high quality, person-centred care which is delivered with dignity and respect.

We have highlighted four priorities that we will focus on over the next five years. Do you think we have the right priorities or do you have your own suggestions? Fill in our online survey to let us know your thoughts. You can also let us know more general comments on health and wellbeing in Westminster.

Our proposed priorities

Our proposals focus on preventative measures to help avoid hospital admissions whilst also providing clinical care for the people who need it. We aim to help people make positive choices to improve their health, focusing on:

1. Support for children, young people and their families addressing their mental and physical wellbeing. 
We want to ensure that children and young people are enabled to live healthy lives and are supported to transition into healthy and well adults.

2. Helping people to prevent the onset of long-term health conditions such as dementia and heart disease.
We propose focusing on people who are most at risk due to their lifestyle factors such as a poor diet or low levels of physical activity. We will focus on services that reduce the risk of developing long-term conditions, in turn reducing the risk of complications, and improving support. We will ensure that our communities are able to support and integrate people with complex long-term conditions such as dementia into our places of work and leisure.

3. Improving mental health services through prevention and self-management. 
We want to reduce stigma and increase education about mental health, and encourage people with mental health conditions to seek support and care to live full and healthy lives.

4. Improving the way we work to offer better health and social care.
We will work together to ensure you have a positive experience of our services, and that you are able to access information, advice and care when most convenient and effective. We will ensure our services are sustainable and fit for the future by working together to address common challenges such as technology, training and skills and the buildings we use to provide services. 
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How to have your say

Please let us know your feedback by 16th October 2016

Online survey:



Post: Health & Wellbeing, 15th floor, Westminster City Hall, 64 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6QP

The Westminster Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy can be found here.

The Evidence based Westminster  Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy can be found here.



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