Self-Care Week: Securing your mental wellbeing

Monday’s self-care tip: Your overall wellbeing is intrinsic to your ability to care for yourself.

Across North West London there are many people who, whether they have a formal diagnosis of a mental illness or not, experience problems like anxiety, depression, stress, or insomnia on a regular basis, hindering their ability to stay well.

We are working hard to deliver better access to talking therapies, as part of the government’s IAPT (Increasing Access to Talking Therapies) Programme.

The most common model of talking therapy is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). It is based on exploring the links between our thoughts, the emotions they trigger, and how we behave. It works by changing patterns of thought and behaviour that are unhelpful, usually through a combination of talking and practical exercises.  

Giving you the tools to manage mental distress before it reaches a crisis point is essential for self-care. The knock-on impact of talking therapies often helps patients practice self-care in more indirect ways they may not expect. For example, CBT may help you identify root causes behind unhealthy dietary habits, alcohol or drug consumption, or poor sleep routine.

Other therapy models include: 

- Mindfulness

- Stress management 

- Post natal groups

If you think you would benefit from therapy, contact your GP to request a referral, or, alternatively you can refer yourself directly via the 'Opt-In' button on the Take Time to Talk website

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