Staying in touch in later life

There are many reasons why people can start to feel lonely or isolated as they get older - after retirement or the loss of a loved one, because social circles tend to shrink as we get older, or because of problems with health and mobility. Indeed, not everyone who is isolated or lonely is necessarily an older person.

Why it’s a particular issue locally 

  • Almost half of all older people in the 3 boroughs live alone
  • 47% of all households in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are one person households, the highest in the country. In Westminster the number is 45% (2nd highest nationally) and in Hammersmith and Fulham the figure is 38%


The issue of isolation and loneliness has many causes and many symptoms, but also many solutions.

To help, People First has a wealth of activities in its Events section – over 100 a day – which will help people stay connected. These include activities for the housebound. Please use the filter options on the left of the Events screen to find specific activities.

On the Staying in touch in later life page they have drawn together comprehensive information about local day centres, hubs and befriending opportunities.

There are also links to help with travel and transportvolunteering and help with ‘beating the blues’ for those feeling down or depressed. Please also take a look also at the Work and Learning sections.

Carers can also feel isolated. The Support for Looking After Someone area has information on how we can offer support to carers.  

What is People First?

People First is the core Information and Advice web service for residents, staff and fellow professionals, run by the Adult Social Care departments of Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster. Their aim is to provide easy-to-use, jargon free and engaging information in a bright visual way that will help keep people stay safe, well and independent. 

To find out more about the service, visit the People First Facebook page or email  

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