Publications and Policies

Title Format Filesize  
Download00) 2012.12.04 WLCCG Body Agenda Part I V 1.0 pdf 283kb  
Download02.1) 2012.11.06 WLCCG Body Minutes Part I V 0.2 pdf 344kb  
Download02.2) 2012.11.27 WLCCG Governing Body Action Log pdf 289kb  
Download03.1) Terms Of Refrence - Provider Strategy Group - 2 0 - 13th Nov 12 pdf 117kb  
Download04.2) CLS Summary pdf 485kb  
Download05.1) WLCCG Board Report Month 7 Finance Cover Sheet pdf 247kb  
Download05.1.a ) WL CCG Board Report Month 07 pdf 277kb  
Download06.1) CCG Board 2012 11 20 QPSR_Update pdf 268kb  
Download07.1) PPE Report pdf 273kb  
Download07.1.a ) PPE Paper For The WLCCG Board (7) pdf 230kb  
Download08.1) WLCCG Board Report - OOH Programme Update pdf 392kb  
Download09.1.a ) 2012.11.06 Exec Team Minutes V 0.1 pdf 276kb  
Download09.1.b ) 2012.11.13 Exec Team Minutes V 0.1 pdf 282kb  
Download09.1.c ) 2012.11.20 Exec Team Minutes V 0.2 pdf 323kb