Publications and Policies

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Download00.0) 2014.11.04 WLCCG Governing Body Agenda V 1.0 pdf 161kb  
Download02.1) 2014.09.16 WLCCG Governing Body Minutes V 0.3 pdf 258kb  
Download02.2) 2014.09.27 WLCCG Governing Body Action Log pdf 114kb  
Download03.2) WLCCG Governing Body Chief Officer Report pdf 201kb  
Download04.1) OOHS Business Case _Cover Sheet _Gov Bod WL pdf 127kb  
Download04.1.a ) Full Business Case OOH Services V9 pdf 292kb  
Download04.2) CIs Gov Body Cover Sheet 4 Nov 2014 V 01 pdf 135kb  
Download04.2.a ) WLCCG Contracting Intentions 201516 V FINAL pdf 1077kb  
Download04.3) Governing Body Cover Report Pc Coco Nov 14 pdf 183kb  
Download04.3.a ) Primary Care Co -commissioning In NWL West London CCG GB Paper Nov 14 pdf 330kb  
Download04.3.b ) Est . Agreement NWL Primary Care Co -Commissioning Joint Comm Shadow Form FINAL DRAFT (2) pdf 634kb  
Download04.4) 2014 11 04 WL CCG GB Maternity & Services Transition Paper Cover Sheet V 1.1 pdf 136kb  
Download04.4.a ) 2014 11 04 West London CCG GB Maternity Interconnected Services Transition pdf 4803kb  
Download04.5) CIS Cover Note West pdf 138kb  
Download04.5.a ) The CIS Financial Model Paper _WL CCG_ Final pdf 449kb  
Download05.1) WLCCG Out Of Hospital Report _V3_DT[1] pdf 222kb  
Download05.2) WLCCG_governing _body _PPE Report _DRAFT_PPE1 pdf 154kb  
Download05.2.a ) You Said We Did Presentation 230914 pdf 106kb  
Download05.3) 2014.11.04 WLCCG Governing Body QPSR Report V 0.1 pdf 186kb  
Download05.3.a ) Month 05_2014-15_West London CCG_Final _r pdf 1708kb  
Download05.4) GB Report Commissioning Learning Sets V 0.2 pdf 493kb  
Download05.5) 2014 11 07 WLCCG_governing _body _Finance __Performance _v 0.4 pdf 149kb  
Download05.5.a ) M6 West F&A Pack FINAL GB pdf 618kb  
Download05.6) Shaping A Healthier Future Month 5 Report V 0.1 pdf 116kb  
Download05.6.a ) Sa HF Month 5 Budget Report For CB 25th September - V1 pdf 345kb  
Download05.7) WLCCG Governing Body Board Assurance Framework Report V 0.1 pdf 124kb  
Download05.7.a ) BAF 2014-15 - November Governing Body pdf 437kb  
Download05.7.b ) 2014.10.14 BAF Committee Proforma OoH pdf 77kb  
Download05.7.c ) 2014.10.21 BAF Committee Proforma QPSR pdf 76kb  
Download05.7.d ) 2014.09.23 BAF Committee Proforma F And P pdf 75kb  
Download06.1) WLCCG Investment Committee Cover Report pdf 120kb  
Download06.1.a ) Investment Committee Terms Of Reference Revised October 2014 pdf 68kb  
Download06.2) WLCCG Governing Body Emergency Preparedness Cover Report V 2.0 pdf 116kb  
Download06.2.a ) NWL CCGs _EPRR_Policy V 1 pdf 136kb  
Download08.1) WLCCG Collaboration Governance Cover Report V 0.1 pdf 119kb  
Download08.1.a ) NWL Collaboration Governance Arrangements 2014_final pdf 437kb  
Download08.2) WLCCG NWL Collaboration Board Report pdf 123kb  
Download08.2.a ) NWL Collaboration Board Update 28 Aug 25 Sep 2014 ET-BW pdf 120kb  
Download08.3) WLCCG Transition Update Cover Report V 2.0 pdf 134kb  
Download08.3.a ) Transition Update Nov 14 Governing Body Meetings V 1 0 pdf 196kb  
Download08.4) WLCCG Scheme Of Delegation Report pdf 115kb  
Download08.4.a ) Revised Scheme Of Delegation West CCG Final pdf 123kb  
Download08.4.b ) Detailed So D And Changes - Cover Sheet 18 Sept 14 Updated Subsequent To Audit Meeting pdf 61kb  
Download08.5) Constitutional Amendments Report V 0.1 (Recovered) pdf 135kb  
Download09.1) Audit Committee - Minutes - 10th July 14 - Final pdf 78kb  
Download09.2) CWHHE Investment Committee - Minutes - 4th Sept 2014 Final pdf 86kb  
Download09.2.a ) CWHHE Investment Committee 24 July pdf 298kb  
Download09.3) CWHHE Performance Committee - Minutes - 10th July 14 - Final pdf 323kb  
Download09.3.a ) CWHHE Performance Committee - 4th September 14 Final pdf 129kb  
Download09.4) CWHHE Quality And Safety Committee Minutes - 31 July Final pdf 274kb  
Download09.5) WLCCG OG 2014.09.09 - Agreed Minutes pdf 352kb  
Download09.5.a ) WLCCG OG 2014.09.23 - Agreed Minutes pdf 132kb  
Download09.5.b ) WLCCG OG 2014.09.30 - Agreed Minutes pdf 139kb  
Download09.5.c ) WLCCG OG 2014.10.14 - Agreed Minutes pdf 155kb