Publications and Policies

Title Format Filesize  
Download00.0) 2018.07.17 WLCCG Governing Body Agenda V 1.2 pdf 427kb  
Download02.1) 2018.05.15 WLCCG Governing Body Minutes (in Public ) V 0.2 pdf 541kb  
Download02.2) 2018.06.18 WLCCG Governing Body Action Log pdf 304kb  
Download03.2) Chief Officers Report To The Governing Body July 2018 pdf 346kb  
Download03.2.a ) NWL Chief Officers Report May -June 2018 V 4SB pdf 384kb  
Download04.1) Developing The Alliance And Commissioning An MCP In West London pdf 497kb  
Download04.1.a ) 180717 Wlccg Gb Mcp Item V FINAL pdf 1856kb  
Download04.2) North Kensington Recovery Progress Cover Report pdf 304kb  
Download04.2a ) North Kensington GB Report July 2018 MHand AK V 0.2 pdf 225kb  
Download04.3) Board Assurance Framework 201819 pdf 349kb  
Download04.3.a ) July 1819 BAF V 2 0 Final2 pdf 437kb  
Download04.4) Progress Update On The Development Of Greater Collaborative Working Across The NW London CCGs pdf 350kb  
Download04.4.a ) Collaboration Development Programme Update Report 140618 pdf 207kb  
Download04.4.b ) Summary Of Governance Products And Timeline To Implementation GB Version BW pdf 206kb  
Download04.5) Sustainability And Transformation Plan Progress Report Cover Report pdf 359kb  
Download04.5.a ) NWL STP Report May -June 2018 Final pdf 464kb  
Download04.5.b ) Appendix A STP Clinical Board Workshop Slides pdf 255kb  
Download05.1) 2018.07.17 Transformation Board Report V 0.2 pdf 320kb  
Download05.2) Patient & Public Engagement Report pdf 460kb  
Download05.3) Quality Performance Committee Report V 0 1 pdf 426kb  
Download05.3.a ) West London CCG_IPR_Month 01_2018-19_Final pdf 3137kb  
Download05.4) Finance Activity Committee Report pdf 337kb  
Download05.5) Commissioning Learning Sets Report pdf 399kb  
Download05.6) 2018.07.17 Operational Group Report V 0.2 pdf 311kb  
Download05.7) 2018.07.17 Primary Care Commissioning (in Public ) Report V 0.2 pdf 312kb  
Download05.8) North West London CCGs Month 2 Finance Report Cover Report pdf 432kb  
Download05.8.a ) M2 NWL CCG Financial Report V4 pdf 465kb  
Download06.1) Health And Safety Annual Report 201718 Cover Report pdf 356kb  
Download06.1.a ) Health And Safety Annual Report 17-18 pdf 535kb  
Download06.2) Smart Agile Working Policy Cover Report pdf 390kb  
Download06.2.a ) NWL Smart Agile Working Policy - Draft - V 3 (4) Comments 19.06.18 pdf 642kb  
Download08.1) Audit Committee - Minutes Of The 15 March 2018 pdf 147kb  
Download08.1.a ) Audit Committee - Minutes Of The 3 May 2018 pdf 156kb  
Download08.2) CWHHE Investment Committee - Minutes Of The 8 February 2018 pdf 307kb  
Download08.3) CWHHE Quality And Performance Committee - Minutes Of The 5 October 2017 pdf 162kb