Publications and Policies

Title Format Filesize  
Download00.0) 2018.09.18 WLCCG Governing Body Agenda (in Public ) V 1.1 pdf 423kb  
Download02.1) 2018.07.17 WLCCG Governing Body Minutes (in Public ) V 0.2 pdf 564kb  
Download02.2) 2018.07.17 WLCCG Governing Body Action Log pdf 128kb  
Download03.2) Accountable Officer Cover Report V 0.1 pdf 221kb  
Download03.2.a ) AO Report Sept 18 FINAL pdf 102kb  
Download04.1) Progress Developing The Multispecialty Community Provider ...cover Report pdf 315kb  
Download04.1.a ) Progress Developing The Multispecialty Community Provider ...presentation pdf 1037kb  
Download04.2) Strategic Estates Plan 2013-2023 Cover Report pdf 350kb  
Download04.2) Strategic Estates Plan 2018-2023 pdf 4830kb  
Download04.3) North Kensington Recovery Progress Cover Report pdf 400kb  
Download04.3.a ) North Kensington GB Report September 2018 MH Final pdf 328kb  
Download04.4) NW London Collaborative Working Governance Products Cover Report pdf 142kb  
Download04.4.a ) Annex A Briefing And Synopsis Of Each Product pdf 244kb  
Download04.4.b ) Annex B DRAFT Memorandum Of Understanding Between NWL CCGs V 10 pdf 175kb  
Download04.4.c ) Annex C1 Joint Committee To R (v 11) pdf 302kb  
Download04.4.d ) Annex C2 NWL JC Equalities And Inequalities Full Toolkit FINAL pdf 392kb  
Download04.4.e ) Annex C3 JC Workplan V4.2 pdf 238kb  
Download04.4.f ) Annex D NWL Joint Finance Committee TOR V 11 pdf 312kb  
Download04.4.g ) Annex E NWL Quality And Performance Committee To R V7 pdf 293kb  
Download04.4.h ) Annex F NWL Audit Committees ' - Terms Of Reference - V 0-7 pdf 186kb  
Download04.5) Quarter 1 201819 Progress In West London CCG pdf 256kb  
Download04.5.a ) WL Corp Obj - Qtr 1 pdf 86kb  
Download04.4.i ) Annex G DRAFT NWL Remuneration Committees ' - Terms Of Reference V 0-6 pdf 173kb  
Download04.6) Harmonised Constitution pdf 141kb  
Download04.6.a ) West 's Constitutions PFP Local V 17 pdf 1207kb  
Download05.1) 2018.09.18 Transformation Board Report V 0.1 pdf 346kb  
Download05.2) Patient & Public Engagement Report - GB 18Sep 18 pdf 266kb  
Download05.3) 2018.09.18 Primary Care Commissioning (in Public ) Report V 0.1 pdf 344kb  
Download05.4) 2018.09.18 Commissioning Learning Sets Report pdf 257kb  
Download05.5) Finance & Activity Committee Report pdf 310kb  
Download05.6) 2018.09.18 WLCCG Quality Performance Cover Report 10 09 2018 Mr V3 pdf 262kb  
Download05.7) 2018.09.18 Operational Group Report V 0.1 pdf 253kb  
Download05.8) Strategic Objectives And Board Assurance Framework pdf 135kb  
Download05.8.a ) NWL BAF FINAL V 3.0 pdf 538kb  
Download05.8.b ) 2018.09.12 West London Ccg Risk Register pdf 211kb  
Download05.9) Sustainability And Transformation Plan Progress Update , September 2018 pdf 135kb  
Download05.9.a ) STP Progress Report Sept Jt Shadow Committee FINAL pdf 247kb  
Download05.10) 201819 NW London CCGs Finance Report Month 4 pdf 174kb  
Download05.10.a ) M4 NWL CCG Financial Report 220818 For Joint Ctte FINAL pdf 734kb  
Download05.11) NW London Collaboration Development Programme Update pdf 146kb  
Download05.11.a ) Annex I Collaboration Development Prog Update For SJC Sept 2018 FINAL pdf 160kb