Publications and Policies

Title Format Filesize  
Download00.0) 2018.11.20 WLCCG Governing Body Agenda (in Public ) V 1.1 pdf 463kb  
Download02.1) 2018.09.18 WLCCG Governing Body Minutes (in Public ) V 0.2 pdf 519kb  
Download02.2) 2018.07.17 WLCCG Governing Body Action Log pdf 128kb  
Download03.2) Report From Accountable Officer Cover Report pdf 110kb  
Download03.2.a ) Report From The Accountable Officer pdf 150kb  
Download04.1) Quarter 2 201819 Corporate Objective Progress In West London CCG pdf 290kb  
Download04.1.a ) WL Corp Obj - Qtr 2 pdf 211kb  
Download04.2) North Kensington Recovery Progress Cover Report pdf 306kb  
Download04.2.a ) North Kensington Recovery Progress Report pdf 275kb  
Download04.3) CWHHE CCG Safeguarding Annual Report 2017-18 Cover Sheet pdf 119kb  
Download04.3.a ) CWHHE CCG Collaborative Safeguarding Annual Report 2017 - 18 Final pdf 439kb  
Download04.4) Harmonised Constitutions Update pdf 115kb  
Download04.5) Health And Care Partnership Governance Refresh Next Steps pdf 312kb  
Download05.1) 2018.11.20 Transformation Board Report V 0.1 pdf 370kb  
Download05.1.a ) Transformation Board _ToR pdf 345kb  
Download05.2) Patient Public Engagement Report - V 0.2 pdf 422kb  
Download05.2.a ) 2018.10.30 Ppe Activity In 2018_19 V 0.2 pdf 702kb  
Download05.2.b ) 2018.03.27 Patient Public Engagement Committee _ToR pdf 347kb  
Download05.3) Commissioning Learning Sets Report pdf 401kb  
Download05.4) 2018.11.20 Quality Performance Committee Report V 0.3 pdf 327kb  
Download05.4.a ) West London CCG_IPR_Month 05_2018-19_Final pdf 3130kb  
Download05.4.b ) Quality & Performance Terms Of Reference pdf 354kb  
Download05.5) 2018.11.20 Finance & Activity Committee Report Draft V3 pdf 321kb  
Download05.5.a ) Finance & Activity ToR pdf 258kb  
Download05.6) 2018 11 20 Operational Group Report V 0 2 pdf 398kb  
Download05.6.a ) 2018.11.09 Operational Group _To R_2018-19 Draft V2 pdf 368kb  
Download05.7) Summary Of The 1 November Shadow Joint Committee pdf 111kb  
Download05.7.a ) Shadow Joint Committee Meeting 1st Nov Summary - Updated pdf 93kb  
Download05.7.b ) Questions Raised By The Public For November 18 SJC pdf 141kb  
Download05.8) 201819 NWL CCGs Finance Report Month 6 pdf 167kb  
Download05.8.a ) NW London CCGs Finance Report Month 6 2018-19 pdf 614kb  
Download05.9) 2018.11.20 Risk Register Cover Report V 0.1 pdf 254kb  
Download05.9.a ) 2018.11.13 West London Ccg Risk Register pdf 213kb  
Download08.1) NWL CCGs Shadow Joint Committee - 6 September Minutes PDF 219kb  
Download08.2) CWHHE Quality And Performance Committee Minutes - 26 April 2018 (APPROVED) pdf 95kb  
Download08.3) CWHHE Audit Committee - Minutes Of The 5 July 2018 (APPROVED 041018) pdf 86kb