Publications and Policies

Title Format Filesize  
Download00.0) 2019.03.26 WLCCG Governing Body Agenda (in Public ) V 1.1 pdf 425kb  
Download02.1) 2019.01.22 WLCCG Governing Body Minutes (in Public ) V 0.2 pdf 540kb  
Download02.2) 2019.02.28 WLCCG Governing Body Action Log pdf 190kb  
Download03.2) Report From Accountable Officer Cover Report pdf 116kb  
Download03.2.a ) Report Of The Accountable Officer (2) pdf 226kb  
Download04.1) North West London And West London CCG Equality Objectives Cover Report pdf 268kb  
Download04.1.a ) WLCCG 110319_NWLCCG_Draft Equality Objectives _2MR pdf 195kb  
Download04.2) North Kensington Recovery Progress Report pdf 280kb  
Download04.3) Level 2 Specialist Neuro -rehabilitation Service pdf 353kb  
Download04.4) Annual Complaints Report 201718 For Central London , West London , Hammersmith & Fulham , Hounslow And Ealing CCGs Cover Report pdf 138kb  
Download04.4.a ) Annex CWHHE Complaints Report 2017-18 pdf 683kb  
Download04.5) 201920 Initial Budgets And Finance Plan Delegating Approval pdf 270kb  
Download04.7.a ) Appendix 1 - Patient Engagement Letter pdf 251kb  
Download04.7.b ) Appendix 2 - Frequently Asked Questions pdf 129kb  
Download05.1) 2019.03.26 Transformation Board Report V 0.1 pdf 387kb  
Download05.2) Patient & Public Engagement Report pdf 314kb  
Download05.2.a ) 14.3.19 PPE Activity pdf 390kb  
Download05.3.a ) 2019.03.14 West London Ccg Risk Register pdf 223kb  
Download05.3.b ) NWLondon BAF_Feb V 10 pdf 559kb  
Download05.4) Commissioning Learning Sets Report January 2019 pdf 312kb  
Download05.5) 2019.03.26 Quality Performance Committee Report V 0.2 pdf 381kb  
Download05.5.a ) West London CCG_IPR_Month 09_2018-19 pdf 4260kb  
Download05.6) 2019.03.26 Finance And Activity Report Draft V2 pdf 348kb  
Download05.6) 2019.03.26 Finance And Activity Report V 3 (3) pdf 344kb  
Download05.7) NW London Finance Committee - Cover Report pdf 181kb  
Download05.7.a ) Report From The NW London Finance Committee pdf 566kb  
Download05.8) NW London Committee Business (February - March 2019) pdf 122kb  
Download05.8.a ) NW London Collaboration Of CCGs Committee Business Report - March 2019 V2 pdf 272kb  
Download05.8.b ) Appendix 1 - Cover Sheet _update Joint Committee Q&P_March 2019 pdf 320kb  
Download05.8.c ) Appendix 2 - Draft To R - NW London BAF Working Group V 1.1 pdf 87kb  
Download05.9) 2019.03.26 Operational Group Report V 0.2 pdf 259kb  
Download07.1) NW London Collaboration Development Programme Close - Down Report pdf 226kb  
Download08.1) NW London Shadow Quality And Performance Committee Minutes - 6 December 2018 (APPROVED 140219) pdf 222kb  
Download08.2) NWL Finance Committee Minutes Of The 24 January 2019 Meeting (APPROVED 210219) pdf 281kb