Publications and Policies

Title Format Filesize  
Download00.0) 2019.10.17 WLCCG Governing Body Agenda (in Public ) V 1.0 pdf 426kb  
Download04.4) North Kensington Recovery Progress Report V 0.2 pdf 293kb  
Download04.4) North Kensington Recovery Progress Report V 0.2 pdf 293kb  
Download02.1) 2019.06.18 WLCCG Governing Body Minutes (in Public ) V 0.2 pdf 643kb  
Download02.2) 2019.06.04 WLCCG Governing Body Action Log pdf 186kb  
Download03.2) Report From Accountable Officer Cover Report pdf 120kb  
Download03.2.a ) AO Report Sept 2019 V3 pdf 156kb  
Download04.1) NW London Commissioning Reform Programme Recommendations To September Governing Bodies pdf 224kb  
Download04.1.a ) 19-08-29 Recommendation Paper _comm Reform V 1.11 pdf 308kb  
Download04.3) Primary Care Networks Update pdf 283kb  
Download04.3.a ) Appendix A - WLCCG PCN Configurations pdf 265kb  
Download04.3.b ) Appendix B - PCN And ICP - Development And GP At -Scale Transformation - WLCCG pdf 3478kb  
Download04.3.c ) Appendix C - PCN Maturity Matrix 19-20 Final pdf 266kb  
Download04.4) North Kensington Recovery Progress Report pdf 293kb  
Download04.5) 2019.09.17 Indpendent Review Palliative Care Cover Report V 0.2 pdf 275kb  
Download05.1) Joint Committee Cover Report V 0.1 pdf 229kb  
Download05.1.a ) Joint Committee Report To Governing Bodies V 0.2 pdf 222kb  
Download05.2) 2019.09.07 WLCCG Governing Body Transformation Board Report V 0.1 pdf 265kb  
Download05.3) Patient Public Engagement Report V 0.1 pdf 277kb  
Download05.3.a ) 17Sept GB May -July PPE Activites pdf 1011kb  
Download05.4) 2019.09.07 WLCCG Governing Body Quality Performance Committee Report V 0.1 pdf 308kb  
Download05.4.a ) West London CCG_IPR_Month 03_2019-20_Final pdf 3405kb  
Download05.5) Report From The Chief Nurse & Director Of Quality ...cover Report pdf 274kb  
Download05.5.a ) Chief Nurse Q & P Update August 2019 pdf 307kb  
Download05.5.b ) QC Agenda Review And Recommendations pdf 178kb  
Download05.5.c ) Quality Committee Local Content North West London Escalation And Overview pdf 165kb  
Download05.6) 2019 09 17 Finance And Activity Report V 0.2 pdf 323kb  
Download05.7) Report From The NW London Finance Committee pdf 293kb  
Download05.7.a ) M4 NWL CCG Finance Report - Final V 0.3 pdf 1073kb  
Download05.8) Commissioning Learning Sets Report July 2019 pdf 330kb  
Download05.9) 2019.09.17 Operational Group Report V 0.2 pdf 248kb  
Download05.10) Corporate Objectives 201920 Risk Register And Board Assurance Framework Cover Report pdf 315kb  
Download05.10.a ) 2019.09 West London CCG 201920 Objectives Summary pdf 95kb  
Download05.10.b ) 2019.09 West London CCG Objectives pdf 365kb  
Download05.10.c ) 2019.09.11 West London Ccg Risk Register pdf 84kb  
Download05.10.d ) NW London JC Board Assurance Framework & Strategic Objectives V 3.7 pdf 454kb  
Download06.1) NW London Quality And Performance Committee Terms Of Reference pdf 274kb  
Download06.1.a ) NWLCCGs DRAFT Quality And Performance Committee To R V 16 pdf 528kb  
Download08.1) NWL Shadow Quality & Performance Committee Minutes - 16 May 2019 (APPROVED_200619) pdf 88kb  
Download08.2.a ) NWL Finance Committee Minutes - 28 March 2019 (APPROVED_250419) pdf 277kb  
Download08.2.b ) NWL Finance Committee Minutes - 23 May 2019 (APPROVED_270619) pdf 288kb  
Download08.2.c ) NWL Finance Committee Minutes - 27 June 2019 (APPROVED_250719) pdf 223kb