Community Living Well

Community Living Well

Community Living Well is a new service for people aged 16 and over who need support with their mental health.

It’s for people registered with a GP in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, or the Queen’s Park and Paddington areas of Westminster.

Community Living Well offers a different kind of mental health support. It makes it easy for you, and anyone who cares for you, to access a wide range of clinical and wellbeing services.

The services on offer include talking therapies, support groups and help with employment or housing issues. It also offers counselling in other languages. 

Here is what people are saying about their experience using Community Living Well:

"Thank you for your help, finally I’ve got the job as Maths Lecturer. I went to interview and used the interview skills we practiced together. Again many thanks for your help and support." Employment Service client

"When I’m at the groups they help take away my anxiety, (not all – but partly) It’s a fantastic service. The mix of talks and activities is varied and relevant. When I’m depressed I need to be with others to help me laugh again, during the conversations with others this does happen and the sharing of experience really helps and to know that there are people around who care and who recognise me." Peer Support Attendee

"I have nothing but praise for this service. The way Lan helped and supported me was wonderful. When we met I was in the middle of a personal crisis and she sat and listened to me without judgement, without criticism. She was so kind and able to really take on board what I was saying to her and how I needed her to help me. This has been a massive part of my healing journey, meeting someone who was able to be with me in the place I actually was. I will always be grateful to her and the service for this." Employment Service client

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