Benefits of the service

When asked about care provision for older people in West London, people said they wanted it to have “greater coordination” and “improved consistency.” 

Your local NHS is meeting these needs with the introduction of a new coordinated care service specifically for older adults aged 65 and over. It means:

  • Health and social care professionals and voluntary organisations are working together with patients.
  • Sharing information in a consistent way.
  • Coordinating each individual patient’s care with the patient’s active involvement.


Benefits of the new care service

The new care service we are introducing for older adults in our area offers a number of key benefits in the way that adults aged 65 and over live well.

Continuing and confidential care

Rigorous governance around patient confidentiality means that health and social care professionals on the team share patient records safely and securely appropriately between themselves.

This means that older patients:

  • Never have to tell their case history or story more than once.
  • Can rest assured that their notes and care plans are monitored and updated after each appointment, coordinating their care across the professional team working with them on their care.
  • Receive proactive, planned, and relevant care for their particular situation.
  • Their personal health is managed to anticipate any change in circumstances.


Convenient access to care

We have invested in two Integrated Care Centres as hubs providing a range of essential services for older patients in one place and under one roof. They are providing older patients with a supportive and familiar environment in which to receive a variety of treatments and services.

This means that older patients:

  • Have more time with their GP and care professionals.
  • Can access a wide range of care services in one place at one time.
  • Can avoid the need to travel between different locations and to access outpatient care in hospitals.