Patient Reference Group

Our Patient Reference Group is a forum where patients and the public can give feedback to the CCG, and inform the commissioning and design of the services West London CCG commissions.

Its responsibilities are to:

  • Act as a voice for patients, representatives of patients, carers, voluntary sector organisations and relevant interest groups
  • Provide advice on how best to reflect the diversity of the population in engagement activities in the West London CCG area
  • Review and comment on the CCG’s patient and public engagement strategy, and any significant service changes across the West London area
  • Help to ensure effective communication between patients, the wider public and the CCG
  • Share knowledge of best practice approaches in patient engagement and communications;
  • Help to inform the CCG’s commissioning, by giving insight and feedback on key areas of work
  • Advise on the scope of any consultation and engagement, and the development of materials produced in support of such activities;
  • Link to the practice based Patient Participation Groups
  • Work in partnership with the Patient and Public Engagement Committee to develop, implement and evaluate the patient and public Engagement (PPE) Strategy.

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